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Kings Predicts is the king of soccer prediction. Yes, as the name implies, Kings Predicts is a king to the best soccer prediction site. Here is why.

 Kingsley, the Expert tipster that predicts all the sports prediction published on Kings Predicts site, has over 20 years of football betting experience. As an expert tipster, he is sharing his winning tickets for everyone to stake and win along. 


Free Soccer prediction site 


Kings Predicts, a free soccer prediction site, is not a personal organization. Still, it is a cooperative body aimed to provide free soccer betting advice to anyone that wishes to make money through sports betting. The platform is designed in a way that you can easily pick the booking code of our favorite bookie and stake. We strive to adapt and provide booking codes with other bookies, which will make it easy for you.

We want you to win, even though the sports betting system is designed to make you lose. Yet, we have adopted the best approach to football betting that will help you win big. Wining is our prime objective. Secondly, making monthly profits through sports betting is what we strive to achieve.


We publish free Sports predictions for you on or before 10: am in other to allow our webmasters to do their job. We also have VIP be slip on our website, which are ten odds and above. You must be a VIP member to gain access to these bets slip. Our VIP predictions are available on Saturday and Sunday.


4 Reasons that proves that we remain the best soccer prediction site

  1. Our predictions are adequately analyzed.
  2. We don’t bet slip junk to our members. Instead, we stake along with our members.
  3. We ensure maximum security is put in place to ensure the safety of our members and visitors.
  4. We have a proven profit strategy that can help you win.  


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